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Hal HubbardPDHC is proud to announce the launch of a special exhibition – A Journalist’s Journey: Harold Norwood Hubbard, 1899-1996. The veteran journalist, Harold Norwood Hubbard, began his illustrious career in 1924 as a cub reporter at the Hollywood Citizen-News, starting a lifetime dedicated to news reporting in Southern California in the 20th century. In the course of his term at the Citizen-News he became “assistant managing editor, managing editor, editor and, often simultaneously, travel editor, political editor, weekly publications editor, feature editor, editor of the editorial page, book editor, and almost every other kind of editor except sports and society.” (HNH) He was there during the glamorous heyday of old Hollywood, covering the motion picture business, and to some he was known as the ‘dean of journalists’ writing about Hollywood. During his term he covered every Oscar presentation – – probably more times than anyone else. Hubbard helped merge the Hollywood News, a Copley publication, with the Citizen-News, and later merge the Citizen-News with the Valley Times. He was with the Citizen-News until its bankruptcy in 1970. In 1971, according to Hubbard, the Copleys started a new newspaper, the Pasadena Union, in order to fill the gap in circulation between their West San Gabriel papers and the publications centered in Glendale. Although considered for years, they were hesitant about moving into Pasadena because of the presence of a well-established daily and of well-established weeklies. At the Pasadena Union, Hubbard headed the editorial staff and helped develop a wide variety of feature stories of interest to residents of Altadena, Pasadena, South Pasadena, San Marino, Sierra Madre and Highland Park. He made it his business to meet and talk with as many people as possible. His files document his research. The Union existed from 1971-1973, after which Hubbard actively continued with the Pasadena Star-News through 1996 before passing away at the age of 97.

A Journalist’s Journey was curated by Pasadena Museum of History archives volunteer Barbara Bishop, with the assistance of Michelle Turner, in memory of Marilyn Hubbard Roberts (1930-2013), who donated her father’s papers to the Museum after writing and publishing his biography. Material from this collection is available through the PDHC website.

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